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Sachin TonDulkar’s 100th Ton – a fan’s tribute

17 March 2012 4,286 views 11 Comments

16 March 2012 was a massive day for Indian Cricket.

The God of Cricket, born in India, scaled a new summit which none else may, in our life time, may even imagine to reach.

It is as much or even more difficult as The God of Cricket’s Grand Father Sir Donald Bradman’s 99.96 test batting average.

Sustaining one’s focus, interest and stamina for such a long time – nearly 23 years is in itself a record.

Cricket is a game that requires a very high level of concentration and enormous amount of stamina which has to be sustained for long periods of time in every game.

Just one ball, good or bad, one poor shot, a silly mistake, lethargy while running, a brilliant catch, changing weather conditions, a deteriorating pitch, a devastating delivery causing injury or an umpiring error (partial or impartial) can send a batsman packing back to the pavillion.

Topping it all, is the pressure of living up to the expectation of millions of fans and a silly media, ready to forget your past heroics the moment you fail.

That Sachin has managed to overcome all these is what elevates him clouds and sky above the rest of all us, applauding mortals.

The last century may have taken a long time to come. He went close to the landmark on quite a few occasions in the past year, largely trying to fulfil the world’s expectations and to an extent his personal desire for the 100th 100. However, as he went near that summit, he stuttered a bit as if he suddenly needed the map for the familiar territory of the century land. May be the pressure of people’s expectations was walking alongside during each of his 33+ walks to the middle.

For all those who still have the temerity to question about the sanctity of celebrating this achievement, the answer lies in the fact that even the great master needed 34 sojourns to the crease to reach that summit. A century is that difficult in cricket. To score 100 of them?

Thats why he is GOD OF CRICKET.

Here is a small tribute in the form a drawing made by my second son Anand Surya.

Sachin Scaling the Summit, by Anand Surya


  • Vijayasarathy R said:

    A short one indeed from person who likes and writes more on any given topic. But it was a crisp one and definitely got into the blood cells of mine. Needless to mention the main factor being SACHIN TONDULKAR (As you rightly spelt it).

    The drawing was very creative and apt one….But one doubt..will sachin stop that cloudy level or will he go beyond that and probably meet that Almighty who had showered him all the blessings that he had for a cricketer.

    May be more than that..yes, God showered all the blessings he had for all the cricketers born. He was partial, wasn’t he? 🙂

  • Sankar R said:

    It was a very nice moment for every Indian & Cricket fans. But he is unlucky as in the prevoius games. Whenever he played a very good knock, either others had not performed as desired or the opponent had played well and as a result India had lost the match. Even the 100th 100 match for example.

    However we have to be proud of him & pray God for giving him good health for the forth coming matches and also to be a good guide for the youngsters.

    We need to appreciate the crative idea from Surya. Congrats and all the very best.

  • Aruna Sathyamurthy said:

    கிரிக்கெட் மாட்சுக்களை இந்தியா வெற்றி பெறுவது போல் இருக்கும் தருணங்களில் மட்டும் ஆர்வத்துடன் பார்க்கும் ரசிகை நான். அதில் சதம் அடிப்பது எவ்வளவு கடினம் என்று உங்கள் கட்டுரையை படித்ததும் புரிந்தது. அருமையானக் கட்டுரை. சூர்யாவின் படம் மிகவும் பொருத்தம்.

    வாழ்த்துக்கள், சச்சின் டெண்டூல்கரின் சதத்திற்கு, உங்கள் எழுத்திற்கு, சூர்யாவின் வரையும் திறமைக்கு.

  • Sundar said:

    Hi Murthy

    Superb and timely article. First of all the cartoon is simply great. Till he achieved this milestone Sachin did not open his mouth and even his team mates kept saying he was not having any pressure of reaching it. Now Sachin has openly admitted that he feels lighter by 50 Kgs. I am just think the amount of mental strain he would have gone thru and nobody else would have handled it with such a grace. More than Sachin, it is his billion fans felt relieved and now just like Sachin we can also get on with our lives easily.

  • Sundar said:

    The cartoon makes me think, Sachin should henceforth be known as TONdulkar.

  • Venkatachari.Balaji said:

    Hi Murthy,
    We must definitely appreciate the greatest achievement of Sachin for his 100th Century. NO doubt, this record may exist for another Century, but the level of temperament shown by Little Master on that moment of scoring a single by pushing the ball to square leg,has given a room for us to excogitate, as if he came out of tremendous distress. The act done by him discombobulated even the greatest fans of him. The One who scored 99 Centuries with great spirit for sport with smile, when he achieved the greatest World record of 100 Century without even a bit of smirk. May be the humiliation he went through for past one year that he was kept in the team only to reach the milestone for nothing else. Apart from this SACHIN IS FOR SURE, CLASS ABOVE ALL AND TRULY OUT OF THE WORLD…!

  • triplicani (author) said:


    Your vocabulary is superb! You are becoming a Dictulkar!

  • Dr. Viji Kasiraman said:

    Excellent drawing by Surya.

  • triplicani (author) said:

    Thanks Dr. Viji! Surya was elated!

  • Margabandhu said:

    Nice one Sam… the sketch is better than the amul ad on Sachin’s achievement.

  • triplicani (author) said:

    Thanks Bandhu! Encourages Surya a lot!

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